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Hamid Barole Abdu was born in Asmara, Eritrea, in 1953. He has been living in Italy since 1974 and throughout his career he has shown great interest in different forms of arts including prose, poetry and theatre. Among his publications:

1986- Eritrea a culture to be saved; A brochure about the history, culture and traditions of Eritrea.

1996- Akhria, I uprooted poet through hunger. Akhria: io sradicato poeta per fame (Akhria: I Uprooted Poet Through HAkhria: io sradicato poeta per fame (Akhria: I Uprooted Poet Through Hunger,Akhria: io sradicato poeta per fame (Akhria: I Uprooted Poet Through Hunger,Akhria: io sradicato poeta per fame (Akhria: I Uprooted Poet Through Hunger,Akhria: io sradicato poeta per fame (Akhria: I Uprooted Poet Through Hunger,This second publication won, in 1996, the XIII edition of the literary prize “Satyagraha” of Riccione.

2001- Dreams and nightmares of an undocumented immigrant. This collection of poems is closely related to the immigrant experience and thereby explores the themes of nostalgia and displacement.

2005- How not to be mistaken for a cigarette lighter hawker at the beach. The article has been published both in the anthology “Migrantemente- il popolo invisibile prende la parola” and in the collection of poems and short stories “Bury my skin in Africa”. Written with a pinch of humor, this short story provides specific suggestions for dark skinned people who intend to take a relaxing beach holiday.

2006- Bury my skin in Africa, a collection of poems and short stories which won in 2007 the prize Multietnicità e Intercultura. Edited by Artestampa, the book has been translated into Italian and English. The idea of this publication arises from a trip made by the author at the end of 2004 in Sudan, along the border with Eritrea. During this trip, the author visited several refugee camps where Eritrean people live under miserable life conditions and on his own initiative, he decided to devote the proceeds of the book’s sales to school-age Eritrean children. All funds raised have been used to purchase didactic materials and give them the opportunity to have access to education.

2009- Green monkeys. Written with the journalist Daniele Barbieri, this performance for theatre has been presented in more than 100 italian cities. The text is written in the form of a monologue and it’s based upon a conversation between an italian and an immigrant. Moreover, it has been published in the anthology “Limite acque scure”, a collection of stories edited in 2009 by Massimo Avenali (Noubs editions). In the same year and in occasion of the World aids day, Hamid Barole and Daniele Barbieri presented the monologue “Conversando con un virus”.

2010- Mohammed’s fly is an anthology of selected poems edited by Libertà Edizioni. The homonym poem “Mohammed’s fly” has been selected for different poetry festivals and competitions and turned into a short film. It may be seen by clicking: In the same year he contributed with some poems to the collection “Permit of Stay in Italy”, an anthology of short stories by various foreign writers edited by Angelo Ferrucci, Ediesse Publishing (2010).

2013- Verses of renewal and … Wandering … hope. This collection of poems reflects once again the involvement of the author towards the conditions of immigrants. These conditions are translated into fragments of life and death which inevitably overlap each other. In 2013 he published as well some poems for the collection 100 thousand poets for change” (Qudulibri)

2014- In 2014 Hamid Barole wrote some poems for the collection Under the sky of Lampedusa – Drowned from refoulement”, with a preface by Erri De Luca, Publishing by Rayuela (2014).

In addition to the publications, the author regularly contributes to online magazines and websites. He also conducts intercultural workshops with students attending middle and high school. There are also some projects in progress including " B.O.H., What the new president of the United States will do" "Omsizzar The role of the media with regard migration" and "The black memory" a performance that retraces the history of Africa from the slave trade period to the globalization era. As to the full lenghth film  "Il vicario del Diavolo", it telkls the story of an egyptian boy and his involvement in international terrorism;

"Poems Across The Pearl of Africa" (Edited by Hamid Barole Abdu), a collection o poems written by students of College School of the University of Makerere - Uganda

Childhood in War, Blood and Violence

Genocide in Rwanda - Testimonies of Survivors

Anthology of poems by Ugandan Youth, forthcoming – 2017

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